Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry

Ag. HOD Preventive and Community Dentistry

The Department of Preventive Dentistry comprises two units namely Dental Public Health and Periodontology. In the department we aspire to develop dental practitioners who are able to utilize the basic principles of human biology and human behavior in conjunction with their technical skills in diagnosing, treating, and preventing oral disease. The Department of Preventive Dentistry aims to foster optimal health and quality of life through good oral health.

Our vision is to provide leadership locally and regionally in training, research and service in the fields of Peridontology and Dental Public Health.

To provide world class education in periodontology, oral health promotion and disease prevention for the community and the individual, nutrition, behavioral dentistry, oral health care systems, ethics and jurisprudence. To contribute significantly to scientific research and offer excellent periodontology and community oral health services.

  • Demonstrate a logical approach to the diagnosis of oral lesions and their treatment
  • Interpret clinical, laboratory and radiographic findings so as to arrive at a definitive diagnosis.
  • Identify the common therapeutic regimens used in treating oral diseases
  • Demonstrate knowledge of oral diseases common in the tropics
  • Understand some gerontological diseases and the oral care/ management of medically compromised patients (uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases and patients with malignancies.


  • To provide a high level of clinical training in the specialty of Periodontology, dental implants, and to ensure a high level of training in the specialty of community dentistry.
  • To develop dental practitioners who are able to understand the oral health needs and demands of their communities and to plan appropriate oral health services.
  • To provide extensive outreach programs that brings quality services and preventive education to patients in need of dental care.
  • To develop and activate the social and public services in the role of raising the awareness of oral and dental diseases.

PDS 501: Public Health Dentistry I - Introduction to Dental Public Health
The course is designed to develop an appreciation of optimal oral health and a basic understanding of the relation between dental disease-producing agents and host resistance in the dental student. The student is introduced to the concept of "community" and foundation knowledge and skills to be applied in community outreach programs is established. This course focuses on teaching students how to promote oral health through organized community efforts and individual oral disease prevention strategies.

PDS 600: Community Oral health Posting
The course teaches students to understand the oral health needs and demands of their communities and to plan appropriate oral health services and programs. Students learn through direct contact with communities whose access to dental care is limited. Field visits to such notable sub-groups as primary school children comprise the major portion of this course.

PDS 602: Public health Dentistry II Principles of Management in Dentistry
This course provides an understanding of major concepts involved in planning, implementation, and evaluation of community and dental public health programs; an understanding of health policy program management and administration, research methods, oral health promotion and disease prevention, and oral health services delivery systems. It provides the dental student with information relating to the concepts and principles of personnel and office management.

PDS 604: Public health Dentistry III Research Project and Seminars in Public Health Dentistry
This course focuses on deploying the knowledge gained throughout the dental course into the conduct of oral health research. Students will learn basic principles of conducting research and apply this knowledge to the conduct of a selected oral health research topic of interest.

PDS 502 Periodontology I- Introduction to Periodontology
This course teaches the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the periodontium and the rationale of diagnosis and therapy. It emphasizes the diagnosis of periodontal diseases utilizing a clinical examination, radiographs, and various other diagnostic tools. Prognosis and treatment planning for the patient with periodontal disease will be introduced and the interrelationships of periodontology and other dental disciplines will be discussed.

PDS 601 Periodontology II- Management of Periodontal Diseases
This course is designed to reinforce the student's knowledge of periodontal diseases and their treatment. This course presents lectures on all phases of periodontal surgery and special topics of periodontal therapy. The student will develop an understanding of the role of periodontal surgical therapy in the management of periodontal disease.

PDS 603 Periodontology III - Advanced Periodontology
This course is designed to assure, that upon graduation, the student will be able to examine patients for periodontal diseases, diagnose periodontal diseases, and plan and perform treatment, including, but not limited to, scaling and root planing, occlusal adjustment, and simple periodontal surgery. Further experience in the management, treatment, and maintenance of periodontal patients will be acquired.

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