About Haematology and Blood Transfusion( Activities & Objective)

Departmental Objective

  1. To make the students understand the science of blood formation, functions and diseases.
  2. To learn the principle, process and tools used in making diagnosis in haematology and have hands on laboratory training.
  3. To have confidence in making diagnosis of blood disorders and interpretation of laboratory results.
  4. To make evidence based clinical decisions in the management of common blood disorders.
  5. To acquire ability to communicate, research and to work in a team.
  6. To teach the students the mechanism by which other systemic disorders affect the haemopoietic system.
  7. The Department of Haematology and Blood Transfusion in the College and the Hospital are closely inter-woven and co-ordinated in their activities.

    The main activity of the department in the College is to teach the students the theory and practical aspects of Haematology and Blood Transfusion and application in the management of patients with haematological disorders.

    On the hospital side, the department is multifaceted and provides a rich source of materials for teaching:

    1. Out-patient Clinics: The department runs three out-patient clinics a week
    2. In-patient Care
    3. Day Care Centre
    4. Blood Donor Clinic
    5. Blood Bank
    6. Blood Screening Unit
    7. Haematology Laboratory
    8. LASUTH/IHVN HIV-AIDS Project under the PEPFAR USA-FGN (since December 2006)
    9. Collaboration with other departments in various research projects on Sickle Cell Anaemia.

Core Values

  1. ETHICAL: Do the right thing, at the right time, in the right way and for the right reason.
  2. MENTORSHIP: Counsel, support, guide and role model students for best performance
  3. INTEGRITY: Accountability, transparency, fairness and being thorough.
  4. OPTIMIZATION: To optimize resources, time, space and personnel for desired impact.
  5. TEAM WORK: Good and timely communication, respect for each other’s opinion and belief, sharing of knowledge and competence, complementing colleagues and celebrating our success together.

Resident Training

  1. The Department has full accreditation of the West African and National post graduate colleges to train resident doctors in haematology and blood transfusion with position for about ten resident doctors.

Study Group / Commetee: The department is a member of the :

  1. Hospital lymphoproliferative disorder study group
  2. Oncology group
  3. Blood transfusion committee
  4. HIV /AIDS management teams