Dentistry ( Goal & Objective)


Our goal is in line with the institutional goal of the Lagos State University College of Medicine to produce Dental Professionals who shall be:

  1. of acceptable national/international standards;
  2. of high quality, and in such numbers as are required to meet the oral health care need of Lagos State and the nation at primary, secondary and tertiary levels;
  • capable of performing various roles in the health management team and ready to motivate, educate, supervise and lead other health workers in oral health promotion and in the prevention and treatment of oral diseases;
  1. capable of undergoing further development in the health sciences such that they can function effectively as hospital specialists, teachers in medical schools, or as health management experts;
  2. conscious of their duties as dentists and will observe at all times the tenets and ethics of their profession.


At the end of the undergraduate course, the graduate must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the institution that he has the knowledge, ability (skills): and attitudes (human qualities) essential, ability for the good professional practice as listed below: