Haematology and Blood Transfusion

Prof. AKINBAMI, Akinsegun Abduljaleel
(B.Sc,MB;Ch.B,MPH,M.Sc,FMC Path)
Head Of Department

The Department

The design of the Haematology course is to ensure that medical and dental students acquire sound understanding of the mechanisms of disease processes that are primarily haematopoietic in origin. It also teaches students how other non-haematological diseases can affect the haematopoietic system and their attendant manifestations.

The practical aspect of the course is to enable a graduating medical or dental student perform basic tests in Haematology including microscopy, as a basis for reasoned opinion to give appropriate treatment or make a referral for specialist treatment when necessary. This is more so where laboratory diagnostic methods are minimal as in the rural areas.

The teaching of the principles of transfusion of blood and its components enables the students to understand and be capable of ordering, giving appropriate and safe blood as well as managing transfusion reactions.



Admission Requirement

The Department would require that all students must have been duly admitted into the University based on the criteria set by the University administration in line with the standard regulations.

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Teaching and Assessment Of Students

The in-course assessments are conducted twice in the year comprising the following:

1). Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)     2). Essay questions (Long and Short Essay questions)     3). Practical     4). Viva Voce

Attendance Policy

Candidates are required to make 75% attendance to be eligible to sit the End-of-Course Examinations.

Departmental Staff

Academic Staff

  • Dr. Uche, Ebele, Ifeyinwa.

    Associate Professor
  • Prof. Dosunmu, Adedoyin, Owolabi.

  • Prof.,Akinbami, Akinsegun, Abduljaleel.

    Associate Professor

Non-teaching Staff

  • Arogundade-Elegushi,Musibau Olanrewaju (Mr.)

    Snr.Chief Lab. Technologist
  • Robert-Samuel, Moronke A. (Mrs.)

    Chief Lab;. Technologist
  • Oluwatoki, Hussainat Omotayo (Mrs.)

    Chief Laboratory Technologist
  • Agosu,Modinat Akorede (Mrs.)

    Principal Executive Officer I
  • Soetan, Sil8ifat Oluwatosin( Miss )

    Senior Personal Secretary