Preventive Dentistry( Activities & Objective )


Instructions are given in of form of lectures, tutorials, clinical and practical session. The students are exposed to these specific areas of general and chemical pathology germane to accurate differential diagnosis of oro-facial lesions. Regular clinical slide sessions are arranged to synchronise laboratory and clinical experience. Chair-side clinical sessions in out-patient oral diagnosis clinic reinforce didactic sessions. The students also undertake urban and rural community postings to carry out surveys, provide basic preventive and restorative treatments and plan/implement public health program.


  1. to utilise the basic principles of human biology and human behaviour in conjunction with their technical skills in diagnosing, treating and preventing oral disease.
  2. to provide a high level of clinical training in the specialty of Periodontology Community Dentistry.
  3. to develop dental practitioners who are able to understand the oral health needs and demands of their communities and to plan appropriate oral health services.
  4. to provide extensive outreach programmes which will bring quality services and preventive education to patients in need of dental care;
  5. to conduct cutting-edge research in the department and increase the number of published papers in indexed journal.
  6. to develop and activate the social and public services in the role of raising the awareness of oral and dental diseases.