Restorative Dentistry ( Activities & Objective )


The academic structure is made up of:

  1. Conservative Unit
  2. Prosthetic Unit
  3. Science of Dental Materials Unit


  1. The overall goal of the department is to develop academic and clinical programmes of excellence in teaching and services (patient care) compatible with the programmes of all other departments and the general philosophy of Faculty of Dentistry and Lagos State University.
  2. To assemble a faculty of excellence in the specialties of conservative dentistry and science of dental material.
  3. To prepare dentists for leadership role in the health team to work with other health professionals
  4. To develop and maintain adequate physical facilities to produce a minimum of ten (10) dentists annually.
  5. To continue to attract highly rated undergraduate students to join the faculty for subsequent postgraduate training in Restorative Dentistry in the nearest future.
  6. To produce high quality dentists who will eventually become specialists and teachers in Restorative Dentistry.