About Anatomy ( Activities& Objective )

Departmental Activities

Teaching of Undergraduate Students

Lectures, Tutorials, Seminars and Practicals (dissection and Histology) are given to both 200 and 300 level students in line with the Anatomy Curriculum. In addition, the Department is currently pioneering the introduction of problem based learning (PBL) into the traditional didactic learning (TDL) curriculum in Nigeria

Postgraduate Training

The department runs a vibrant Postgraduate programme for M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Anatomy

Departmental Meetings

Academic, Technical and Administrative Staff meetings are held in the department regularly


    • There is an Anatomy Museum with models and computer-aided interactive teaching facilities
    • Lecturing with PowerPoint Presentation and Multimedia
    • Well-equipped Histology Laboratory for teaching of students and for research purposes
    • Postgraduate departmental library/postgraduate seminar room.

Units of The Department

Gross Anatomy

The study of human parts macroscopically that is, by dissection and other study aids.


The origin and progressive development of the various regions of the Human body right from conception. Clinical and genetic correlation are explored at each level.


The Microscopic structure of various cells, tissues and organs of the body. This is done by sectioning the tissue-organ to produce slides.


The macroscopic structure of the Brain, Spinal Cord and Peripheral Nerves and their pathways.

Departmental Objective

  1.  To provide students with a robust and qualitative knowledge of the normal structure and development of the human body;
  2. To demonstrate to students during practical sessions, the essential features of the normal Human Anatomy at the cellular, tissue, organ and system levels;
  3. To emphasise the aspect of Human Anatomy that is relevant to Clinical         Medicine and in particular to explain the anatomical basis of clinical        problems where applicable;
  4. To teach the students in such a manner as to stimulate their interest in pursuing postgraduate studies in Anatomy and also in the emerging field of Clinical Embryology;
  5. To provide postgraduate training in Human Anatomy;
  6. To develop and institute relevant programmes for students of other departments or Faculties that requires a working knowledge of Human Anatomy;
  7. To carry out anatomical research, especially as it relates to       structure and functions of the body.