About Medical Biochemistry(Activities & Objective)

Department Activities

Activities undertaken by the department are as follows;

  1.  Lectures/Tutorials
  2. Seminars
  3. Laboratory practical instructions and hands on training
  4. Departmental Research Group
  5. Meetings

Academic members also take part in collaborative research within the College and with colleagues in other institutions within and outside the country.

Departmental Objectives

The Department of Medical Biochemistry has the following as its objectives:

  1. To teach students the relevance of biochemistry as it relates to medicine.
  2. To make students understand the structural elemental composition of biological molecules.
  3. To teach students the various degradative and synthetic pathways of biomolecules.
  4. To teach students the activities of enzymes and its use in medical diagnoses.
  5. To teach students the inter-relationship of the metabolic pathways and the structure-function relationship of biomolecules.
  6. To make students understand the biochemical in-born errors of metabolism and molecular basis of diseases.                                                               
  7. To teach students basic biochemical techniques for analytical skills and interpretation of results in medicine.