Budget & Expenditure Control Unit

Mr. Shogbuyi Mutiu O.

Head of Unit

The Unit

  • prompt commitment of approved expenditure to reflect real-time management information system
  • To jump-start, College yearly budget process ahead of the budget calls to enable us to meet the deadline for budget submission.
  • To adopt the new State Government budget approach of medium Term Sector Strategy (MTSS) and Medium Term Expenditure framework for the budget process.
  • Quarterly budget appraisal to provide prompt and informed financial information that will guide the College, Faculties, and Department/Unit in their spending activities.
  • To prepare a quarterly budget appraisal and variance report to Management within a month after the quarter ended.
  • To respond promptly to reporting requirements from the State Government and other stakeholders.


  • To  Provide prompt and up to date financial and budgetary information to the entire  College to aid  informed decision at all levels.

The Unit Officer

Mr. Adamson Adeoye