Department of Child Dental Health

Dr YEMITAN Tolulase Abosede
Ag Head, Child Dental Health

The faculty of Dentistry was established in October 2008 after approval by the Senate of the Lagos State University. The Child Dental Health department is staffed with academic and non-academic staff. The department has 2 units: Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. Paediatric Dentistry is the comprehensive management of children below 16 years. It equips the student with the ability to diagnose, formulate treatment plan and manage the children accordingly. Emphasis is placed on the special dental needs of children, including those with disabilities and other forms of medical compromise. The normal growth, development as well as the promotion and maintenance of oral health for children is emphasized.
Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry concerned with variation of form and function of both the hard and soft tissues of the mouth and face and the way in which they cause malocclusion. The major aim of the course is that the student should be able to apply the principles of orthodontics in general practice, and to recognize the limitations that exist in that situation as well as the importance of prompt referral to a specialist.

Educating students to high standard in Child Dental Health Care..

To provide enabling environment for learning and practice of Child Dental Health Care..

  • To achieve excellence in Child Dental Health care using up-to-date techniques with highly knowledgeable and motivated staff.
  • To produce students who will exercise sound judgement with total commitment to patient satisfaction.
  • To create a conducive environment where staff and students can interact.
  • To collaborate with other departments and institutions, both locally and internationally in research activities.

Students will be taught in the form of lectures, laboratory operative techniques, tutorials, seminars and in the clinics.

Students will be assessed on a continuous basis with one in-course examination at the end of every semester. There shall be Multiple Choice Questions, Essays, Practical Examinations in Laboratory Operative Technique and clinical assessment of the quality of dental care of patients treated by the dental students.

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