Department of Medical Biochemistry

Dr. M. A. Akinsanya. (B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.d)
AG. HOD. Medical Biochemistry

The Department of Medical Biochemistry, Lagos State University College of Medicine  was established as a full-fledged and separate department in the College with the commissioning of the College on February 9, 1999. The department was established along with other departments in the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences primarily to cater for Biochemistry aspects of the MB;BS degree programme of the College. The Department offers postgraduate courses in Medical Biochemistry such as Postgraduate Diploma (PGD), M.Sc and M.Phil/Ph.D.

The Department also has the prospects of expanding its curriculum to provide services for other Faculties that may be established in the College in the future and to meet the demands of our changing society.

The Department of Medical Biochemistry has the following as its objectives:

  • To provide a sound and all round education in the basic science of Biochemistry to the Medical Students.
  • To make students aware of the relevance of Biochemistry to Medicine in particular and in various other ways and areas in meeting the manpower needs of country.
  • To develop and provide appropriate courses for students of other Faculties that may be established in the College in future and who may require a working knowledge of Biochemistry.
  • To engage in biomedical research in collaboration with other agencies or any interested group and other arms of the College and Teaching Hospital.
  • To provide specialized training in Biochemistry at higher degree levels.

Instructions are given as lectures, tutorials and practicals. Students are assessed on a continuous basis, with two in-course examinations every semester and an end of semester examination. The Part I M.B.,B.S. programme is examined in three parts comprising MCQ, Essay and Practical as Papers I, II and III respectively.

Oral examination by an External Examiner shall be organized for all the students at the end of the programme and the viva score shall be part of the 70% contribution to the final score by the Part I M.B.,B.S, Examination.

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