Treasury/Revenue Unit

Mrs.Ladipo Banke

Head of Unit

The Unit

  • Prompt Processing of approved payment expenditure
  • Prompt delivery of signed cheques to the beneficiaries as soon as they are ready¬†
  • Prompt Processing of computerized payment vouchers to generate regular monthly expenditure report to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure all Revenue received is promptly and properly accounted for and posted into the accounting system.
  • Prepare quarterly and annual Cash flow to guide the College in its Finances/regular cash position.
  • To ensure the College maximizes returns from its various surplus funds by exploring viable investments opportunities.
  • Regular monthly review of unclaimed Cheques to reduce list of Un-presented Cheques
  • Preparation of all monthly statutory reports as required by the State Government
  • Handling of Investments matters.
  • Collection of Bank Statements
  • Issuing of receipt for all Payments in the College Account.
  • Processing and Payment of Pension Remittance.
  • Tax Remittance.


  • To achieve sound and strong financial planning to ensure that the College meets its obligation as at when due.

The Unit Officer

Mr. Timeyin Olamide

Mr. Awoliyi Subomi

Mrs. Arileshere Latifat