Dr. Adebayo, Adekunle Azeez

Ag. Head Of Department

The Department

With the establishment of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences in LASUCOM, the Department of Anaesthesia was created in September 2003. It provides clinical training for undergraduate medical students and post-graduate training in Anaesthesia. It is well equipped in terms of instrumentation and staff which enables it to perform extension works and the departmental activities. The Head of the Department co-ordinates the administration, teaching clinical and research amenities in both the College and the Lagos University Teaching Hospital.


Admission Requirement

With the establishment of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences in LASUCOM.

Funding Projects


Prof. Prof.

Prof. Prof.

Teaching and Assessment of Student

The end of posting examination is a two part examination comprising of a multiple choice questions test (MCQ) and an objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE) paper.

The final score at the end of posting examination makes up 2.5% of the final marks for surgery at the 4th Professional examination.

Attendance Policy

Students are required to sign for procedures watched or observed in their logbook issued by the department. Attendance is taken at all lectures, tutorials, ward rounds and clinical sessions. At least 75% attendance of all activities as well as the total number of procedures in the log book are required to be eligible to sit for the end of posting examination.

Departmental Staff

Academic Staff

  • Dr. Adebayo, A. A.

    Lecturer l
  • Dr. Oyeleke, S. O.

    Lecturer l
  • Dr. Oladokun, Oluwaseun David

    Lecturer I

Non-teaching Staff

  • Babawale Mabel Adejoke (Mrs.)

    Asst. Chief Personal Secretary
  • Adebiyi, Shakirat A. (Mrs. )

    Higher Executive Officer