Medicine( Activities & Objective)


A. Undergraduate Training

The departmental activities are divided into Clinical, Teaching and Research.  Students are taught through series of these activities including  Didactic  lectures,  Seminars, Teaching rounds, Clinical demonstrations, Departmental  grand rounds, Journal club activities, Clinical quiz sessions, Radiology  review sessions, Morbidity/mortality reviews and Hospital  grand rounds.

B. Residency Training

The department supports the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital with consultants in various specialties of Internal Medicine for the training of Resident doctors towards the attainment of Fellowships of the various postgraduate medical colleges

C. Research


  1. To train medical students to be professional component in clinical assessment, investigation and management of the various diseases in all organs of the body.
  2. To develop and train medical students to appreciate the importance of evidence based on medicine in clinical practice. Hence, be prepared to undertake independent studies for self-development, research and acquisition of clinical problem solving skills.
  3. To inculcate high ethical, professional and personal standards and values into the training of medical students, with a view to producing competent and reliable medical doctors