Surgery( Activities and Objective )


  • Training
  • Clinical Services
  • Research

(A)     Undergraduate Training

  1. To introduce students to the methodology of ascertaining and correlating symptoms and signs of surgical illness;
  2. To co-ordinate previously acquired knowledge in Surgical Anatomy, Surgical Physiology and Pathology and relate same to the symptomatology and clinical presentation of surgical illness;
  3. To acquire and possess cognitive and psychomotor skills in the care of surgical patients, including the ability to identify relevant investigatory and surgical procedures in the management of surgical patients and be capable of performing basic tests and procedures;
  4. To be able to initiate the management of surgical patients and discern the indications for seeking appropriate support;
  5. To acquire the appropriate skills to act objectively in emergency situations.

 (B)       Clinical Services

To support the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital with high level specialist/consultant surgeons drawn from the core of lecturers in the department. The aim is to provide tertiary care surgical services at a high level.

 (C)    Research

To conduct research into clinical and scientific conditions as they relate to Surgery in particular and Medicine in general, the aim of which is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the improvement of Medical/Surgical care.        


  1. Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  2. Cardiothoracic Surgery
  3. General /Endocrine Surgery
  4. Neuro/Spine Surgery
  5. Orthopaedic/Trauma Surgery
  6. Ophthalmology
  7. Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) Surgery
  8. Paediatric Surgery
  9. Urology


General/Endocrine Surgery unit is further subdivided into Breast/Endocrine surgery Unit, Minimal access and Hepatobiliary Surgery Unit and Gastro and Surgical Oncology Unit.


  • Activities of the different specialized units of the Department of Surgery comprise the following:

    1. Training
    2. Undergraduate Training
    3. Clinical Services
    4. Research